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Title Publish Date Last Modify Date
The appraisal of the 14th Excellent Construction Safety Awards in 2020 has been officially launched 2020-07-02 2020-11-03
The Ministry of Labor invites executives in the steel industry to discuss and strengthen the determination on safety leadership 2020-06-23 2020-11-03
Minister of Labor Ming-Chun Hsu visited SHEICO Group (Shei Chung Hsin Ind.) Co., Ltd. to express his concern for the work environment and occupational safety of the 3D industry 2020-06-17 2020-10-20
Labor Minister Ming-Chun Hsu visited the assembly work of the submarine infrastructure of the offshore wind-driven generation system and it is expected green energy can create jobs and assurance of occupational safety at the workplace 2020-06-05 2020-09-28
Minister Ming-Chun Hsu of the Ministry of Labor leads the team to jointly audit offshore wind power projects to ensure industrial safety and assist the implementation of the national green energy policy 2020-05-15 2020-11-03
The Ministry of Labor broadcast live occupational safety and health (OSH) activities to call on the enterprise to integrate epidemic preventive measures into OSH management systems. 2020-05-13 2020-05-13
The Minister of Labor cares about workplace epidemic prevention, and urges enterprises and workers to be prepared to start again 2020-05-04 2020-06-11
Promoting the competition of Construction Safety Awards, excellent civil construction projects are included for the first time 2020-04-22 2020-06-19
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reinforced inspections on major public construction 2020-04-17 2020-06-19
Public supervision through occupational disaster map 2020-04-06 2020-06-19
Total59records,pageof total2/6page. ,Showrecords per page