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Online Occupational Safety and Health Digital Learning Platform Continues to Add a Variety of Courses, Providing Employers and Workers with Convenient e-Learning Anytime

  • Last Modify Date:2023-12-11

Distance learning has become an international trend in response to the advent of the digital era. The Ministry of Labor established the Online Occupational Safety and Health Digital Learning Platform in 2021, offering free online video courses for various industries. The courses are available in Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien, as well as translated into Indonesian, English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino, enabling both domestic and international laborers to access 24/7 e-learning without geographical limitations. By using diverse digital tools such as smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, individuals can conveniently receive occupational safety and health education and training, enhancing workers' acknowledge on OSH.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers should require newly-employed workers or existing employees undergoing job changes to receive general safety and health education and training necessary for their position, as well as on-the-job safety and health education and training in accordance with the nature of their job. The certification hours obtained by workers through the Online Occupational Safety and Health Digital Learning Platform are considered equivalent to those acquired through traditional in-person education and training, and can be credited towards the above hours of safety and health (on-the-job) education and training required. By the end of October 2023, the Ministry of Labor has developed a total of 32 courses in the industries of construction, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, catering, outreach agriculture, and OSH for children and youth, among others. Approximately 248,000 individuals have obtained education and training hours, with over 275,000 individuals registering, achieving a pass rate of around 90% in the assessments.

The Ministry of Labor shared that, starting from 2022, a feature has been implemented to allow foreign workers to quickly register and use mobile devices such as smartphones. By simply scanning their alien resident certificates, individuals can complete registration, log into their accounts, and directly engage in online learning. In addition, in September 2023, the platform introduced a new public broadcasting feature. Upon prior application , business entities can facilitate simultaneous training for most employees by openly broadcasting digital teaching materials. This initiative encourages business entities to utilize the platform for training purposes and help their employees to accrue hours of OSH training.

The Ministry of Labor's Online Occupational Safety and Health Digital Learning Platform will continue to add relevant courses and enhance promotional efforts. Employers and workers are welcome to make extensive use of it. (URL: https://isafeel.osha.gov.tw/).

  • Source:Planning Division
  • Publication Date:112-12-11
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