Title Publish Date
Good news for SMEs regarding occupational health and safety! Ministry of Labor offers free guidance and assistance to improve facilities 2017-10-13
Summer is Peak Season for Occupational Injuries at Construction Sites, OSHA Calls on Employers to Strengthen Construction Safety 2017-06-30
Ensuring Safety and Loving Health--Kickoff of 2017's Workplace Health and Safety Week 2017-04-27
Conducting Joint Inspections on Travel Agencies and Tour Bus Companies to Protect the Labor Rights and Interests of Drivers and Ensure Public Safety 2017-02-16
Enhancing holiday security to ensure safe New Year celebrations," MOL launches New Year Security Program 2017-01-13
The International Conference on Occupational Health Services Was Held to Strengthen Workers’ Health Protection Mechanisms in Taiwan 2016-10-06
Ministry of Labor Accepts Online Application for Information Withheld from SDS 2016-09-01
The Ministry of Labor Strengthens Labor Condition Inspections to Protect the Rights and Interests of Vulnerable Workers 2016-07-15
Because There Are Many Accidents Caused by Mechanical Cutting,Rolling and clipping, Safety Precautions Are Essential 2016-06-24
The Ministry of Labor Increases Subsidies for 3D/3K Jobs and Improves Working Environment in Surface Treatment Companies to Increase Worker Desire for Employment 2016-06-07