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Industry Safety

  • Last Modify Date:2022-04-27

To protect laborers far from occupational disasters, the article 5 of Occupational Safety and Health Act regulates that work assigned to laborers by the employers shall be within a reasonable and feasible scope, with necessary preventative equipment or measures taken to prevent laborers from being involved in occupational accidents. The Industry Safety is considered as the operation safety in every industry except construction work. About 90% laborers were involved in Industry Safety in Taiwan. The cutting/entanglement, fire explosion, falling, electric shock, fall of objects and impact are the common types of hazard of occupational disasters in Industry Safety.

In order to prevent the disasters of fire explosion and strengthen the periodic process safety assessment mechanism for high-risk business units such as petrochemical and chemical plants, Article 15 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that on the petrochemical industry engaged in oil cracking and the production, disposal or use of hazardous chemicals meet the requirements of the central competent authority, institutions shall regularly conduct process safety assessments, stipulates the method of process safety assessment and the content of the assessment report, and make process safety assessment reports, which shall be submitted to the labor inspection agency for reference.


  • Source:Occupational Safety Division
  • Publication Date:110-03-02
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