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Occupational safety and health promotion zone for takeout food delivery personnel

  • Last Modify Date:2021-03-04

    According to the relevant regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, if the relationship between the platform operator and the delivery personnel is deemed an employer-employee relationship, the employer should establish an occupational safety and health management plan, safety and health work regulations, implement safety and health management, provide safety and health facilities to prevent occupational hazards (such as helmets, reflective markings, measures to prevent high and low temperature hazards, etc.). During declared natural disasters (such as typhoon days), when there is significant or foreseeable risk, the employer should cease delivery operations, conduct safety and health education and training for new or existing delivery personnel, and conduct accident investigation, analysis, and disaster reporting, fulfilling the obligation to protect the safety and health of workers. If an individual is engaged in delivery work without an employer-employee relationship, the delivery platform operator should also provide measures for hazard prevention and physical and mental health protection in order to prevent occupational accidents.

    To enhance the labor safety and health measures for delivery personnel, taking into account various recommendations and practical requirements, the " Guidelines for the Safety of Food Delivery Operations " were established on October 2, 2019. These guidelines require operators to implement safety management measures such as preventing and handling traffic accidents and preventing heat hazards. The guidelines were subsequently revised and reissued on December 2, 2019, incorporating considerations for reasonable order assignments, insurance types and coverage limits to prevent potential health hazards resulting from excessive workloads. Furthermore, on March 2, 2020, the " Safety and Health Guideline for Takeout Food Delivery Services" were promulgated, reinforcing their legal effectiveness.

    To further enhance the safety of delivery operations and improve the protection of occupational accident rights, the delivery guidelines were revised and reissued on June 16, 2022. In addition to strengthening the reasonable order assignment mechanism and expanding the coverage of "third-party liability insurance," new elements of "hazard notification" were introduced to protect the safety and health of delivery personnel. Regarding the third-party liability insurance component, considering the required time for insurance product approval, it was implemented gradually starting from November 1, 2022. Furthermore, in alignment with the Occupational Safety and Health Facility Regulations amended and promulgated on August 12, 2022, applicable to all delivery operations, the guidelines were revised on August 30, 2022, to become the " Safety and Health Guideline for Takeout Item Delivery Services."

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  • Publication Date:112-12-19
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