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Construction Safety

  • Last Modify Date:2022-04-27

Many samples such as urban, rural, goal, down the sea, underground and tunnels continue to change with the progress of the project, and create a variety of projects, the number of projects, the number of machines, labor, and the number of works. In addition to checking, advocating and tutoring multi-strategy, the workplace is harmful, it is also necessary to assist in creating institutions to enhance their independent management capabilities, implement construction safety and health management, and properly set occupational safety and health equipment and measures to prevent occupational disasters.


OSHA has designed 11 signs for construction occupational safety and health management. Each sign provides 5 language versions, including Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai. Users can choose the required signs and languages. For the graphic implications and usages of these signs, please refer to "Design principles of construction occupational safety and health management.”Welcome to download and use these signs.


  • Source:Occupational Safety Division
  • Publication Date:110-03-02
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