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Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training

  • Last Modify Date:2022-03-01

In order to prevent occupational accidents and protect the safety and health of workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that employers should provide the necessary safety and health education and training for workers to perform their jobs safely. Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training focuses on the promotion of training and examination separation system and the implementation of training unit classification management, in order to implement the safety and health education and training and prevent occupational accidents. 

The quality of training in OSH offered by training institutions is mainly affected by four factors: qualifications for offering training, class management, training materials, and completion-of-training testing.

In terms of completion-of-training testing, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has promoted a multiple-track exam system. There are 14 occupational categories for which completion-of-training testing is used to verify that people have certain technical skills. Moreover, OSHA have been successively shifting completion-of-training testing from paper exams to computerized exams, and have set up 54 computerized testing venues, and computerized testing now covers 14 occupational categories.

In terms of qualifications for offering training, institutions have been conducted covering their teaching, instructors, teaching materials, environment and equipment, administration, and information management. There are about 150 training institutions in Taiwan that offer regular classes, and as of 2021 a total of 32 training institutions had been considered “excellent.” Moreover, since 2015 OSHA has promoted a certification system for education and training institutions that offer training for OSH managers, and as of 2021 a total of 40 training institutions had received certification that remained valid.

In terms of training materials and class management, OSHA uses the “Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Information Website” to make educational and training materials announced by the Ministry of Labor available to the general public. OSHA has also successively set up information systems for management of guidance personnel and other matters through which personnel at OSH education and training institutions are brought under management. In the future OSHA will continue to use information technology to strengthen management of education and training.

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