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Supervision of the "3D" industry

  • Last Modify Date:2020-11-24

Most industries with demanding and traditional processes are small and medium enterprises. The process and the work environment of these enterprises tend to be high temperature, loud, and highly polluted, or commonly known as a "3D" industry (dirty, dangerous, and difficult). Most people are not willing to work in 3D industries which resulted in the prolonged labor shortage, discontinuation of human resources, and aging in this industry.

For improving the occupational safety and work environment of the 3D industries, the OSHA provided a special supervision project for these industries and provide subsidy for financing the installation of safety and health equipment at these enterprises (up to NT$2,500,000/year). In addition, and cross-functional collaboration platform has also been set up to integrate the resources of related entities for supporting these industries in transformation. Under the joint efforts from the industry, government, and academey, to fulfill the aims at assisting these industries improving their work environment, upgrading their industrial competitiveness, and creating jobs.

  • Source:Occupational Health Division
  • Publication Date:109-11-19
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