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Management of high-risk chemicals

  • Last Modify Date:2020-11-24

There is a great variety of chemicals used at the workplace. The two strategies of source management and priority management were adopted for the establishment of systems for the appropriate management and prevention of hazards in order to protect the workers for the safe use of chemicals and crack down on the problems of lacking transparency of information on chemicals in the past. This will be necessary for alignment with the international trend of managing chemicals and improve the performance of chemical management in Taiwan.

For source of management, the system of permission for registration and management of new chemical substances is introduced. Manufacturers and importers are required by law to submit the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) under the review mechanisms established under cross-functional collaboration. With such effort, the sources and the flows of new chemicals in Taiwan could be kept under control. In the area of priority management, intensified management will be adopted for highly hazardous chemicals in the high intensity of operation through the mechanism of data reporting in advance. In addition, employers are required to manage highly hazardous chemicals by hazards communication and adopt the methods of Control Banding. High-risk substances which  may easily cause cancer, germ cell mutagenicity, or reproductive toxicity shall be controlled by the permission mechanism.

  • Source:Occupational Health Division
  • Publication Date:109-11-19
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