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Worker’s health services

  • Last Modify Date:2020-11-24

In the wake of the changing industrial structure in Taiwan, the labor force is bound to face other forms of occupational hazards such as the pressure of work performance, extended hours of work, shift duties, and psychological pressure further to the traditional occupational hazards, which will bring harm to the workforce. In responding to the increase of newly emerging hazards, employers with more than 50 employees are required to employ or contract medical care personnel incrementally. The medical care personnel shall be responsible for the worker’s health management, prevention of work-related diseases, improvement of health, and others pertinent to the protection of workforce.

Considering the lack of corporate resources among the small and medium enterprises, the OSHA specifically established the Workers’ Health Service Centers in 4 different districts to provide professional supervision and counseling to the employers and  workers for the advocacy of the occupational health service system. In addition, a subsidy plan has been introduced to finance on-site health service and the measures taken by the employers for the protection of the physical and psychological health of workers. Through training, supervision, and monitoring, employers are urged to compliance the laws for the protection of worker’s health, and to create a safe, healthy, and friendly work environment.

  • Source:Occupational Health Division
  • Publication Date:109-11-19
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