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Building an Occupational Disease and Injury service Network

  • Last Modify Date:2022-05-04

1.Prevention, diagnosis and referral of occupational diseases and injuries

Professional medical team provides diagnosis and evaluation of causes of occupational diseases and injuries, prevention of occupational diseases, workplace maternity counseling and overwork assessment. In addition, case management, return-to-work evaluation, or consultation of medical referrals are also provided upon the needs.

2.Investigations of work exposure and occupational disease

Through information provided by individual case, the health service team conducts occupational disease investigation and provides on-site consultation service as well as risk assessment.

3.Investigations of work exposure and occupational disease

OSHA has set up Occupational Disease and Injury Prevention Service Centers (ODIPSCs) in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan, covering the entire country. Combined with the occupational medicine departments at hospitals across the country, these constitute an occupational injury and disease prevention network and reporting system. (See Figure 1 for the network.) The ODIPSCs and network hospitals are part of a reporting system, and assist in conducting identification and investigations of occupational diseases.


  • Source:Occupational Accident Labor Protection Division
  • Publication Date:110-04-21
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