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Occupational safety and health promotion zone for takeout food delivery personnel

  • Last Modify Date:2021-03-04

     In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, if the labor relationship between the platform operator and the delivery staff is an employment relationships, the employer should formulate an occupational safety and health management plan, safety and health work rules, implement safety and health management, and provide prevention of occupational disasters Safety and health facilities (such as safety helmets, reflective markings, preventive measures against high and low temperature hazards, etc.), stop working during natural disasters (such as typhoon days, etc.), when there is a significant or foreseeable risk, stop engaging in delivery operations, It is obligated to protect the safety and health of workers by implementing safety and health education and training, handling accident investigation and analysis, and disaster notifications for new or on-job expatriates. If an individual is delivered to a non-employed individual for delivery work, the delivery platform industry should also provide measures to prevent the hazards of the delivery operation and protect the physical and mental health to prevent occupational disasters.

     In order to improve labor safety and health measures for takeout food delivery workers, the Ministry of Labor issued the " Safety and Health Guideline for Takeout Food Delivery Services " on March 2, 2020, requiring platform operators to implement traffic accident prevention and handling, insurance types and limits , Prevention of outdoor high and low temperature hazards and assessment of factors such as traffic, weather conditions, number of deliveries, time and location, and appropriate allocation through programming and algorithms within a reasonable range to avoid harm to the physical and mental health of workers and other safety, health and health management practices, And in severe weather such as typhoons, takeout food delivery operations should be stopped to maintain the safety of the delivery personnel.

  • Publish Date:2021-03-04
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