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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration assisted a German university's "Taiwan as a Pioneer" research project, facilitating the exchange of experiences in energy transition.

  • Last Modify Date:2024-01-15

To enhance the international visibility of Taiwan's green energy industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the Ministry of Labor assisted Dr. Josie-Marie Perkuhn, the principal investigator of the "Taiwan as a Pioneer" project at the University of Trier in Germany, in understanding the development of Taiwan's green energy industry. Two arranged discussions with the Energy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan Power Company to exchange ideas on topics such as innovative technologies in renewable energy, international cooperation, and communication on public policies.

The OSHA mentioned that in recent years, Taiwan has gained attention in Europe due to geopolitical factors and the semiconductor industry. However, Europe had a limited capacity for its Taiwan studies. In response, three German universities – Trier, Bochum, and Tuebingen – received support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, allocating a budget of 2 million euros (approximately NT$68 million) to implement the "Taiwan as a Pioneer" (TAP) research project. The goal is to enhance the visibility of Taiwan studies in the international academic community.

On December 29, 2023, the OSHA arranged for Dr. Josie-Marie Perkuhn to meet with the Energy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. They had extensive discussions on energy transition strategies, renewable energy technologies, and communication on public policies with Deputy Chief Ru-Min Cheng of the Renewable and Forward-Looking Energy Development Division, Vice Research Director Meng-Chieh Wang and Researcher Chien-Cheng Huang of the ITRI Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center. On January 9, 2024, it was arranged for Dr. Perkuhn to engage in discussions with Director Chin-Fu Hsu of the Industrial Safety and Health Department, Chief Yong-Chuan Lin of the Renewable Energy Department, and Section Chief Yong-Tsai Weng of the System Planning Department at Taiwan Power Company. The discussions covered topics such as grid connection, integration, safety management, and monitoring of renewable energy. Dr. Perkuhn expressed her appreciation for the exchange arranged by the OSHA, and the content would be included in the Taiwan Research Methods Handbook expected to be published in 2025, making it a groundbreaking initiative in the European academic community and contributing to filling the research gap in Taiwan studies.

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