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Taiwan-OSHA organized a delegation to participate in the "2023 World Congress on Safety and Health at Work ", sharing OSH experience and deepening international exchanges.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor (short for Taiwan-OSHA) invited public and private enterprises (including 9 units and 21 people) to organize a Taiwan delegation to attend the "2023 World Congress on Safety and Health at Work " in Sydney, Australia from November 27 to 30 , at which Taiwan-OSHA shared OSH practical experience and practices with other countries, published OSH promotion achievements, and carried out active exchanges and interactions with experts and scholars from various countries.

With the vigorous development of digital technology and various new economic models in recent years, the topic of "gig economy" has emerged in various countries around the world. At this congress, Tzu-Lien, Tzou, Director General of Taiwan OSHA was invited to be the speaker in the symposium of "Untangling the Gig Economy Web: Human Centric Strategies for an Informal Workforce". Director Tzou took food delivery platforms as an example to share Taiwan's protection measures for delivery workers, including formulating guidelines that require the platform operators to implement traffic accident prevention and handling, provide education and training, establish rationally dispatch mechanisms and strengthen insurance protection, etc. And Director Tzou also fully exchanged opinions with experts and scholars from various countries to provide reference for Taiwan's continuous improvement in the future.

In addition, members of the delegation presented plans and research results including 11 poster presentations and 1 expert show case related to OSH under the three major themes of the congress: "Cooperating for a better future", "A changing world of work" and "Futureproofing against ongoing and re-emerging risks". And the delegation also actively communicated with foreign experts and scholars, and obtained a large amount of OSH professional knowledge and experience from various countries so as to enhance the international visibility of Taiwan's OSH.

Taiwan-OSHA stated that world Congress on Safety and Health at Work is one of the important global cooperation conferences in the field of OSH. It is jointly organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations, the International Social Safety Association (ISSA) and host countries every three years for exchanging the latest OSH issues, occupational accidents and occupational disease prevention strategies from around the world. By organizing a delegation to participate in the congress, we hope that we can learn valuable experience in the field of OSH from various countries, which will serve as a reference for future relevant policy planning and promotion, and promote the OSH development in Taiwan.

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