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A delegation of U.S. federal and state labor executives visited Taiwan-OSHA for exchanges and discussions.

  • Last Modify Date:2023-11-03

Fitzgerald Washington, President of National Association of Government Labor Officials (also Secretary of Alabama Department of Labor), Anna Hui, Director of Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Christina Stephenson, Commissioner of Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, Robin Cooley, Director of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Kathy Drew King, Deputy Associate General Counsel of National Labor Relations Board, and Pete Swanson, Manager of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, accompanied by Ms. Kui-Yen Liao, Executive Officer of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S. and Mr. Adam Ching-Yun Hsieh, Deputy Director-General of Department of General Planning, Ministry of Labor, visited Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor (Taiwan-OSHA) at 4:00 pm on October 30, 2023. Director-General Tzu-Lien, Tzou personally led colleagues to receive and hold discussions. During the meeting, Taiwan-OSHA shared the current situation of occupational safety and health (OSH) in Taiwan and exchanged implementation experience.

Director-General Tzou said, the U.S. OSH policy has always been one of the models for Taiwan to learn from. Taiwan-OSHA is in charge of labor inspections, occupational accident prevention and occupational accident worker protection. Its strategies include the formulation of relevant laws and regulations, the implementation of labor inspections (including OSH and labor conditions), publicity and guidance, and assistance in the rehabilitation of occupational accident workers, with the vision of "allowing everyone to enjoy a safe, healthy and decent working environment, and improving occupational injury diagnosis, compensation and reconstruction services to ensure a safe and healthy workforce and promote national competitiveness". Through experience exchanges and mutual learning with the U.S., Taiwan's OSH will be more practicable and perfect.

During the meeting, the U.S. delegation explained that the OSH promotion strategies in each U.S. state are slightly different and have their own feature due to the characteristics of industries. Taiwan-OSHA shared Taiwan’s OSH vision, organization, policies and goals, competent regulations, implementation performance, and achievements in promoting international exchanges and cooperation, etc. The U.S. delegation gave high recognition on the year-to-year decrease in Taiwan's occupational accident rate of labor insurance, but was concerned about the reasons why the number of occupational accident deaths in the construction industry in Taiwan has not dropped significantly, the solutions, and the turnover rate of labor inspectors, etc. The two sides further discussed the issues mentioned above.

Director-General Tzou mentioned that learning foreign experience through the international exchange discussion, can not only publicize Taiwan's OSH implementation results and performance, but also follow the international trends of OSH, which is useful for planning and promoting Taiwan’s OSH policies in the future. After the meeting, Director-General Tzou actively invited the U.S. to visit the Taiwan-OSHA again. The U.S. also hoped that the Taiwan-OSHA can visit the U.S. to deepen future cooperation between the two parties.

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