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Taiwan-UK cooperation in 2022

  • Last Modify Date:2022-11-30

OSHA visited the UK to exchange the information of workplace safety and health management

On September 17th to 24th, 2022, Deputy Director General Jin-Long Ju of OSHA led the OSHA delegation to visit the UK to deepen the partnership between Taiwan OSHA and Health and Safety Executive of Great Britain (UK HSE). During that period, the delegation visited HSE headquarters at Liverpool, HSE Science and Research Centre at Buxton, a Marine and Helicopter Co-ordination Centre (MHCC) at the west coast of the UK. The delegation of OSHA had discussed some topics with HSE experts such as Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH), refinery safety supervision, renewable energy development and risk assessment, offshore wind farm regulatory strategies, how to use big data to support regulatory activities, the future training courses for Taiwanese inspectors etc. Moreover, Deputy Director General Jin-Long Ju of OSHA met with the CEO of UK HSE, Miss Sarah Albon, and sincerely invited her to co-host the 3rd Taiwan OSHA – UK HSE Occupational Safety and Health Summit in Taiwan.

The CEO of UK HSE led the delegation to visit Taiwan and co-host the 3rd Occupational Safety and Health Summit with OSHA

Miss Sarah Albon, Chief Executive of HSE, led Chief of Staff Richard Jeffers and two chief inspectors, Miss Beth Rawson and Mr. Nic Rigby, to visit Taiwan from October 17 to 21, 2022. To enable the HSE delegation to understand the current situation of safety and health in construction engineering and offshore wind power industries in Taiwan, they visited large-scale building sites, MRT construction sites, offshore wind energy operation sites and maintenance bases, offshore wind turbine blade factory, Taiwanese GWO training centers etc. Moreover, Miss Sarah Albon co-hosted "the 3rd Taiwan OSHA – UK HSE Occupational Safety and Health Summit" with Director General Tzu-Lien Tzou of OSHA. In the summit, the two parties shared policies and experiences of workplace safety and health, topics included offshore wind farm safety and health supervision strategies, maritime construction safety, the approach to incident investigation in HSE, and how to implement the construction design and management regulations. After the summit, the HSE delegation and the Representative of British Office Taipei, Mr. John Dennis, visited the Minister of Labor to discuss the cooperation plans between the two parties in the future and share their perspectives of the development trend of international occupational safety and health.

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