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The Ministry of Labor intensified the effort for subsidizing the prevention of hazards under high temperature and installation of facilities for respiratory protection at the workplace

  • Last Modify Date:2020-10-20

The Ministry of Labor revised the “Guidelines for the Subsidy of Business Units in the Improvement of Work Environment and Improvement of Physical and Psychological Health of Workers at Workplace” thereby introduced the facilities or apparatus for respiration protection and the prevention of occupational hazards caused by outdoor work under high temperature further to the original items of work environment improvement and facilities or activities helping to fortify the physical and psychological health of the workers. Under the new guidelines, the assistance to small and medium enterprises for the creation of a healthy work environment for protecting the health of the workers has been augmented. 

The abrupt changes in global weather resulted in unusual repetition of high temperature lasting for a longer period of time. Under such circumstances, employers have already been required by applicable legal rules governing occupational safety and health to take appropriate measures for the prevention of hazards from high temperatures to protect the health of outdoor workers. In this regard, the Ministry of Labor specifically reminds those who have to work outdoors regularly to seek solutions for reducing the temperature of the work environment or body surface to avoid jeopardy caused by high temperatures. Measures such as the use of shade, spraying water, or wearing a cooling vest may help. Employers of small and medium enterprises are entitled to apply for a subsidy for this purpose. The “Guidance of Respiratory Protection Program and Policies” promulgated pursuant to Article 277-1 of the “Rules Governing Occupational Safety and Health Facilities” has been enacted on July 1, 2020. Considering that respiratory protective gear is the last line of defense for the health of the workers the erroneous use of which will cause even more serious damage than not using such gear. For this reason, employers shall provide suitable respiratory protective gear for the workers by the specific nature of the hazards of the work environment. Fitting tests should also be taken for assurance the respiratory protective gear can nicely fit the face and helps to avoid the infiltration of hazardous substances into the respiratory system of workers through the gap between the protective gear and the face which will eventually cause damage. The Ministry of Labor encourages small and medium enterprises to voluntarily and properly implement the respiratory protection at the workplace program by enlarging the scope of subsidy. Enterprises which have bought respiratory protective gear and fitting test equipment, or commissioned a third-party professional organization for performing the fitting test of the protective gear will be subsidized.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the deadline for applying for subsidies for the improvement of the environment at the workplace and improvement of the physical and psychological health of the workers was set on October 20. Up to NT$500,000 will be granted as a subsidy for the improvement of the environment at the workplace (NT$50,000 for personal protective gear) and NT$150,000 will be granted for subsidizing activities or policies for bolstering the physical and psychological health of the workers. A higher amount of subsidy may be granted for those who have special requests through a petition with the Occupational Safety Administration of the Ministry of Labor beforehand. Small and medium enterprises are urged to make use of the government subsidy through application for subsidy. Employers who are interested in this program should contact the Occupational Health Service Center commissioned by the Occupational Safety Administration for consultation or provide on-the-site supervision (0800-068580).

  • Publish Date:2020-08-04
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