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2021 International Conference on Occupational Health and Occupational in Taiwan

  • Last Modify Date:2022-03-23

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Ministry of Labor, and the Taiwan Occupational Hygiene Association (TOHA) hosted the 2021 International Conference on Occupational health and Occupational medicine from April 23 to 25, which was opening at the Taipei Medical University. In the conference, occupational health-related professionals in industry, government, academics and research, including experts and scholars from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Finland, and Taiwan were invited to share international trends and practical experiences in online and offline meetings. 

Director General of the OSHA, Tzou Tzu-Lien, as the first speaker of the conference, gave the opening remark for the event, and stated the goals of policy of integrating the prevention of occupational accidents and the reconstruction in the draft occupational accident insurance law. And aimed to the influence of occupational safety and health from COVID-19, the experts in the conference also shared the experiences and discussed the strategies of preventive solutions, especially for the integration of occupational safety and health professionals, the understanding in global trend of occupational disease and injuries, and the situation in insurance of occupational accident compensation in public sector. In addition, the results of investigations in cluster events in occupational disease and injuries from Occupational Injury Prevention Center which entrusted with OSHA were reported in conference, in order to establish the investigational model of occupational disease and injuries cluster events, and enhance the attention and awareness of occupational diseases to the public in Taiwan. 

The OSHA indicated that through the international activities were holding, we can know more about the trend of occupational safety and health promotion and the labor rights protection in global, and also improve the quality of the labor rights protection ,and the occupational safety and health in Taiwan by expanding a long-term cooperation relationship with global experts and groups by this valuable opportunity.

  • Publish Date:2022-03-23
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