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The appraisal of the 14th Excellent Construction Safety Awards in 2020 has been officially launched

  • Last Modify Date:2020-11-03

The appraisal of the Excellent Construction Safety Awards of this year (2020) has been officially launched. There are 68 participating construction projects and 8 excellent personnel that passed the qualification review of the first phase. These participants will need to pass the preliminary review and strict evaluation of the final review by scholars and experts. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor, has conducted the first preliminary on-site review today (2nd) to appraise the construction site and safety and health management documents. The entire appraisal process is estimated to be about 2 months. The construction teams will need to implement risk assessment, choose safety construction methods, plan for relevant safety and health facilities at the planning stage, and implement safety and health management at the construction stage, etc., to establish a complete and systematic occupational safety and health management mechanism, and to strive for the Excellent Construction Safety Awards, the highest honor for construction safety.

Director Tzu-Lien Tsou said that this year’s appraisal is conducted along with the continuity of loving the earth and protecting the environment. The open and no-paper-based methods such as online registration, online notification of itineraries, online appraisal, and award-winning case downloads are used. Apart from improving the committee’s efficiency on appraisal, it can also reduce the waste of paper by participating units, to demonstrate the government's determination on environmental protection. In response to the “New Life Campaign for epidemic prevention” under COVID-19 (Wuhan Pneumonia) at the current stage, the appraisal is also in accordance with the Central Epidemic Command Center’s "Guidelines for Contact-information-based Measures." People who attend at the appraisal venue are asked to maintain social distance or wear a mask, and to use alcohol for disinfection. Other epidemic prevention measures are taken as well to protect the health and safety of all personnel participating in the appraisal.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Department, the Excellent Construction Safety Awards has been held 13 times since 2007. It encourages companies engaged in public construction to improve construction safety and health, and the results are pretty good. Starting from this year (2020), to continue improving the construction safety and management of domestic excellent construction projects, apart from public construction, private construction projects are also accepted. Rewards will be given officially to those who have performed well in the implementation of construction safety and health management, making the selection and commendation events completer and more comprehensive. For detailed information on the competition, please refer to the website of the Excellent Construction Safety Awards (URL:

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