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Working part-time during summer vacation, safety first

  • Last Modify Date:2020-11-03

With the approach of summer vacation, many students generally have a part-time job  in restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, and other places during this time to earn money for tuition or accumulate their work experience and skills. However, occupational accidents may happen to students accidentally since they lack experience. For example, a student working part-time in a pork thick soup shop had his arm caught in a meat grinder and his right arm had to be amputated; a student working part-time in a restaurant caused a fire and was injured when using alcohol paste for heating or replacing bottled gas; several parts of the body had scalding burns caused by hot liquid due to slippery floors; falling from the gap of the scaffold at the construction site (as shown in the attachment).

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor, stated that summer vacation is the peak working season. In order to ensure the safety of work-study students, all business units should provide a safe working environment, comprehensive training, and necessary safety and health equipment that meet the standards. The key points are as follows:

 I.Food service industry:

  1. Work-study students shall be given comprehensive training before handling knives or mechanical appliances (such as meat grinders, mixers).
  2. Necessary safety and sanitation equipment that meets the standards shall be provided.
  3. The entries, floors, and ladders in the workplace shall be kept clean and tidy to avoid hazards such as tumbling, slipping, or stepping on something that causes harm.
  4. The cup sealing machine in beverage stores shall be equipped with safety facilities such as protection shield and emergency shutdown.
  1. The fire source shall be completely extinguished before adding alcohol paste.
  2. Make sure that the switch of the cooking utensils connected to the gas tank is turned off before replacing.

II.Convenience stores and supermarkets:

  1. Work-study students shall receive safety and health education and training before working.
  2. The transportation of materials shall be carried out using machinery, rather than manpower, and the transportation route shall be properly planned.
  3. When work-study students work in a place with a height difference of more than 1.5 meters, protective equipment for going up and down shall be provided.

III. Gas station:

  1. Work-study students shall be given comprehensive training before operating the car wash, so that they are familiar with how to stop the machine in an emergency.
  2. Fire and explosion prevention measures shall be provided, and personnel shall strictly comply with standard operating procedures during refueling operations.
  3. Do not smoke or answer cell phones.

 IV. Construction site:

  1. Before entering the construction site, work-study students shall also be given training, so that they can understand the potential hazards of the on-site environment, such as falling, induction of electricity, the collapse of objects, etc.
  2. The necessary safety and sanitation equipment that meets the standards shall be provided, including personal safety protective equipment such as safety belts, safety helmets, and safety shoes.
  3. Implement on-site control to prevent work-study students from approaching high-risk places such as hanging operation area, vehicle entry and exit, and confined spaces.

To ensure the safety of work-study students, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Ministry of Labor, will reinforce occupational safety and health inspections. In addition, if work-study students find unsafe equipment or unsafe conditions in the workplace, they can call the Labor Advisory and Complain Hotline “1955” to file a complaint, or report it to the local labor inspection agency for assistance.

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