Ministry of Labor Accepts Online Application for Information Withheld from SDS

  • Last Modify Date:2017-10-13

Beginning Sep. 1st, 2016, Ministry of Labor accepts online applications for information withheld from Safety Data Sheet(s) making an application process faster and more convenient.

In accordance with Article 18 of Regulations for the Labeling and Hazard Communication of Hazardous Chemicals, manufacturers, importers, or suppliers, that intend to withhold the disclosure of the name, concentration, or manufacturer, importer as well as supplier's name of hazardous chemical ingredients in Safety Data Sheet(s), may file an information protection application with MOL through the website announced. An applicant must follow instructions released on the website and submit forms and information requested through the internet. The aforesaid website for information withheld from SDS is

  • Publish Date:2016-09-01
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