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The Ministry of Labor broadcast live occupational safety and health (OSH) activities

  • Last Modify Date:2020-06-24

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) declared April 28 World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The Ministry of Labor has launched a series of occupational safety and health activities. This year (2020), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry held a live broadcast of the Seminar for Promoting Workplace Health and Strengthening the Health of Country's Labor Force on Facebook, where Political Deputy Minister, Lin Ming-Yu, made a special appearance to call on the enterprise to integrate epidemic preventive measures into occupational safety and health management systems.

   The seminar focused on workplace pandemic prevention and workplace health protections for middle-aged and elderly workers. The Ministry invited winners of the National Occupational Safety and Health Award (Innolux Corporation and Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare) to discuss “how workplaces should cope with the invisible coronavirus” and “the value of promoting workplace health services”. Experts and scholars in relevant fields were also invited to share their practical experiences in order to promote and strengthen worker health services.

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